"Nothing but amazing. I highly recommend Dr. Matin!"  -Danielle M.


"After visiting a less than stellar doctor some time ago, it’s a refreshing change to find someone passionate about their work and compassionate about their patients. I cannot recommend him enough!"  -Sister R.


"After years of back pain, and my life unraveling, I finally feel like things are turning around."  -Stevie N.


"I was treated like I was the only patient Dr. Matin had to see for the day. He took the time to hear about my aches and pains, carefully assessed me to find the exact “problem”, and then clearly and thoroughly explained how we would fix it. He is the best and comes highly recommended!"  -Brooke W.


"Dr. Matin is great!  He really gets to the root of the problem and doesn’t just try to fix the symptoms. I feel great after only two visits! I hadn’t slept well in a week and now I’m sleeping through the night!"  -Kylee H.


"I started my treatment with Dr. Matin a couple months ago after I tried many doctors, which did not work… Now I feel like a new person thanks to Dr. Matin."  -Ricardo B.


"He got me walking again and out of the unrelenting, terrible pain game that stole my life with NO surgery! I had been to soooo many doctors before him who sent me away with drugs and no diagnosis nor even evaluation! Dr. Matin took an hour and a half to do a very comprehensive evaluation and told me EXACTLY what he thought it was down to the detail. I went and got an MRI and he had it nailed it to the T! I could write and write about how wonderful my experience was and how I am forever grateful to him for giving me my life back. If you are suffering, please go see him!" -Holly D.


"As a 61 year old women diagnosed by traditional doctors with Frozen Shoulder, I was told I could get a shot and it would be better in a year or so. Dr. Matin took care of it in 2 1/2 months. I’m golfing again and have my life back. Go for an evaluation. You’ll be amazed at what he can do."  -Diana S.


"Dr. Matin is amazing!! I no longer wake up in morning with back pain and stiffness!"  -Alisa E.


"Dr. Matin is in a class all his own. I have seen a dozen local practitioners - from all fields of medicine - for back and neck problems; none of them have provided the care and confidence that he has. I have had doctors give up on me, not return my calls when I stopped coming in, and drive me into severe debt. Dr. Matin is a friend and I have and will continue to recommend him to all my friends and family. He is bringing me back to life and I have so many injuries that I can assure you, whatever the case, he can and will help."  -Chris M.


"Dr. Matin is amazing, for the last 30 years I lived with constant pain in my neck, but now I feel like never before, Dr. Matin made a miracle on my neck, I am pain free and never felt as good as I feel now."  -Farzaneh J.


"I am so grateful that I met Dr. Matin. I had migraines for over 10 years and with his unique approach i got rid of my pains in a few weeks. Thank you so much Dr. Matin."  -Houman P.


"Dr. Matin is kind, thorough, and very good at what he does. In one month’s time of working with him, he has ended my severe back pain and given me the tools and information to prevent it from coming back."  -Shila T.


"I was so happy to find out that Dr. Matin was not only able to figure out what was wrong with my knees, but in addition, was able to help get rid of the knee pain, help with some hip pain that was also bothering me, and explain it all to me in a way that I was able to understand! I highly recommend him to everyone!"  -Ashley H.


"Dr. Matin is exceptional. The best part of my visit was the diagnostic overview. I have been to a chiropractor in my home town of Seattle, but generally am left questioning the purpose and effectiveness of my treatment. Not at all the case with Dr. Matin."  -W.M.


"I am grateful to have connected with a Dr. of such integrity, and sophistication with his practice. If you, or any one you know is in any sort of pain whatsoever, definitely send them to see Dr. Matin for an eval."  -Aaron E.


I went off of a yelp review that said they only needed to be seen one time. Knowing that Chiropractors make their money on return patients and constant and continuous adjustments, I have always been reluctant to visit offices that provided chiropractic services. My experiences was nothing like the stereotypes of most chiropractic offices. I can only thank him and recommend him to anyone that has the same reservations about chiropractors that I had and are serious about treating injuries and maintaining long term health.   -Richard M.


"When I came in to see Dr. Matin for the first time, I needed help with almost every part of my body. Thanks to Dr. Matin’s care and willingness to try different methods, rather than to keep doing the same things over and over, I am able to function and enjoy my life more than I have in many, many years."  -Susan R.