"Dr. Matin is an excellent physician. I was suffering from a very progressive and long term debilitating injury and he was able to help me when other doctors couldn’t. His determined goal is to make you feel better and I can honestly say that he made a big difference in my overall health and well being."  -Alain A.


"My highest recommendations go out to Dr. Matin, he truly cares about his patients and their well being."  -Bryan N.


"For the last 6 years I have been told by chiropractors that I would have to live with the pain in my shoulders and upper back brought on by a bad car accident. Then I met Dr. Matin and he suggested a specialized treatment. Today I no longer have any pain in my shoulders!" -Stephanie P.


"Dr. Matin’s knowledge, thoroughness in examination, and interest in truly helping me stood out, far and away, from any other chiropractor I have had."  -Lisa B.


"After going to over ten different chiropractors over my lifetime I have finally found one that has helped me with my back problems. My doctors recommended surgery for my chronic back pain, but with Dr. Matin’s treatments and exercise advice I have improved so much that I can walk great distances again without pain! Thank you again for all your help."  -Royce D.


"I was anticipating facing arthroscopic surgery on both knees. My friend Barbara encouraged me to just talk to Dr. Matin for a second opinion. Reluctantly, I did. It’s been several months now and I’m planning a hike to Half Dome in Yosemite! Dr. Matin has magic hands."  -John T.


"After just a month I am back playing squash and lifting light weights again! I am glad that I followed Dr. Matin’s advice and recovery plan."  -Mike F.


"I came to Dr. Matin with not only back pain, but headaches as well. I was very fearful of getting adjusted, especially my neck, but Dr. Matin was very patient with me and talked me through the treatment. He made my headache on a scale of 0-10 go from a 5 down to a 1 in matter of minutes without even adjusting my neck! Dr. Matin is truly a one of a kind doctor and I would recommend anyone to go to him if they want to live a pain free life."  -Kiana M.


"I wished I had seen Dr. Matin sooner. The pain and discomfort I endured for years had gone away in 10 sessions with Dr. Matin. The diagnosis and treatment of the pain were right on the spot. The successful result is testament to the effectiveness of his method and process for helping people. Thank you so much for all your help, Dr. Matin."  -Ricardo Y.


"After about two weeks of treatment by Dr. Matin, the numbness and tingling in my hands in the morning are gone… Thanks Dr. Matin. I don’t have to undergo surgery in my hand."  -Florence Y.


"I was introduced to Dr. Shamim Matin, whose initial examination and evaluation was the most thorough I have ever experienced. Dr. Shamim Matin’s medical expertise and professionalism is surpassed only by his compassion and genuine commitment to healing. There is no question in my mind that he offers a positive solution to many of our ills."  -Robert P.


"After my 3rd and final treatment, I literally had no more pain in my shoulder, and since returning to my home in Denver, have not had any more issues with it."  -Jennifer T.


"After just a few treatments with Dr. Matin, the pain was gone and has not been back."  -Julie O.
"On the first visit he ran a handful of tests on me and came to the conclusion that I had an extremely tight subscapularis. He immediately initiated his treatment and I gained over 50% of my range of motion by the end of the first visit! After the 3rd visit I regained 90% of my range of motion in my shoulder. I could not believe it!"  -Maurice T.



"Not only was he able to help me quickly recover, each visit was educational, learning exactly what was going on with my arm. I highly recommend talking with Dr. Matin!"  -Richard Y.


"Dr. Matin is amazing! Hands down. The key with him is that he enjoys what he does and actually cares about healing you so you aren’t dependent on him forever. I am very grateful for him. Thanks Dr. Matin!"  -Michelle G.


"After a couple months of deep tissue therapy through a technique that he utilizes I had my first “pain free” days in years."  -Kelly M.


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